17:13 Six-sided Spruce Wood 17:14 Six-sided Birch Wood 17:15 Six-sided Jungle Wood 162:12 Six-sided Acacia Wood 162:13 Six-sided Dark Oak Wood 43:8 Smooth Double Stone Slab 43:9 Smooth Double Sandstone Slab 181:8 Smooth Red Double Sandstone Slab 43:15 Tile Double Quartz Slab 100:14 Six-sided Red Mushroom Cap 99:14 Six-sided Brown Mushroom Cap If not, it's assumed to be a server entity (zombie, sheep, or WaterFlow, LavaFlow etc.). log_zombie or log_sheep) To assist this is a new class Actor, which wraps a name/UUID pair, with constructors that will generate one from server entities, or SQL results. UniqueBlocks is a plugin created for all of those 1.8.x builders out there. Support us on GitHub Sponsors! 5.6.3: Note: We are working on WorldEdit 6.x so 5.x are maintenance releases and will: mostly contain bug fixes and minor changes. - Fixed listing schematics with directories in the folder. Hello, as a tree builder myself who have spent a lot of time with world edit I find it kinda hard looking at my trees with the bottom or top side facing out I could place them all in line but it takes time. Total Downloads 11,469,712. I remember being able to do this in 1.7/1.8, and I've googled it but the only tutorials are outdated and do not work in the current version. I looked at the data values page but it did not help so much. As you know in the 1.13.2 updates they added the six sided log to the creative menu, but in 1.8 you were required to use worldedit or commands to obtain them, and you were unable to hold them. 43:6 Double Nether Brick Slab 43:7 Double Quartz Slab 44 Stone Slab 44:1 Sandstone Slab 44:2 Wooden Slab 44:3 Cobblestone Slab 44:4 Brick Slab 44:5 Stone Brick Slab 44:6 Nether Brick Slab 44:7 Quartz Slab 45 Brick 46 TNT 47 Bookshelf 48 Mossy Cobblestone 49 Obsidian 52 Monster Spawner 53 Oak Wood Stairs 54 Chest 55 Redstone Wire 56 Diamond Ore Created Nov 14, 2014. Why don't you look up the wiki for the data values?. Build a six-sided oak cabin for just $120, includes tips on cutting and stripping wood, installing a foundation, doors and chinking log cabin walls. 4140008. minecraft-log-ids-reference-guide-kwaysar. I'm currently trying to create a 6 sided piston block. Join Planet Minecraft! About Project. I'm on my realm in 1.14.4 trying to make a big tree, I want 6 sided logs so that the inside isn't showing. 162:12 = Acacia Log (6-Sided) 162:13 = Dark Oak Log (6-Sided) ... *Disclaimer: The #:# format for log ids only work for WorldEdit* tools/tracking. The problem is that is has to be made through java, i cant just make it in minecraft. Project ID 225608. - Fixed activated hoppers rotating incorrectly. LogBlock will set the UUID of entities to "log_" plus their name (i.e. WorldEdit is licensed under GPLv3 and you can compile it with Gradle. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! 5.6.2 - Backport 1.7.9 support to WE 5.x: 5.6… - Added support for CraftBukkit 1.7.10. I instead suggest a plugin adding custom recipes for all 6 sided logs. Report. You can rotate wood to face in whatever direction you want with WorldEdit by simply substituting [Data Value] with the appropriate one that you're looking for.. After selecting the region with your //wand (AKA. Updated Nov 2, 2020. 1 Block Data and Patterns 1.1 Block types 1.1.1 Block IDs 1.1.2 Facing Block IDs 1.1.3 External Block IDs 1.1.4 Hidden Block IDs 1.1.5 Block Entities 1.1.6 Blockstates 1.2 Multiple-Blocks Pattern 1.3 #copy and #clipboard 1.4 Cut-off Blocks